Adult Kidnapped!

Why is it, that the moment we discuss things that adults enjoy, away from children, it becomes taboo? The word adult has been kidnapped by hardcore porn sites, a bit like the Union Jack has been kidnapped by far right political parties. The sad thing is, the internet world had allowed the adult kidnapping to happen, whilst the British public allowed the Union Jack to have the same fate. I recently constructed a website, because my experiences tell me that adult’s love being with other adults, at certain times. The length and frequency of those periods varies from individual to individual.

Let me make my view on porn very clear, porn is NOT for children, no ifs – no buts, but nor are adult holidays, nor is the hiring of cars, taking out finance, buying and consuming alcohol, playing bingo, using casinos, etc. My view is very simple, the adult world is only for adults, and we should prevent children entering the world, but by censoring everything associated with adults, so you can “cut out the porn” is not done for the benefit of adults. It is done because of the stupid adults who don’t prevent their children seeing what they should not. These people are the very ones that will provide “porn for kids” and the generalised censorship that I and others face is, in my opinion wrong, as it won’t stop the “wrong uns” (as my mum calls them!)

A couple of years ago, in the UK, there were two young lads who did horrible things to two other young lads (and others), and it turns out that their father allowed them to watch porn, and violence, and that their mother gave them cannabis to make them sleep. No Google or anyone would have prevented this, and the loose screw has now been passed down a generation. Those of you who have booked a mainstream adult only holiday with a well-known holiday provider will have done so for two main reasons; 1 – You don’t want children around, and 2 – You do want adult company. I am a married man (30 years in November), with two adult daughters and 3 fantastic grandchildren. I love seeing my daughters, and my grandchildren, but they have a “slot” in my life. When that “slot” is completed, I move on to other slots. Sitting here, writing this article, I am in my “authoring slot”, in a couple of hours I will be in the pub in my adults’ only socializing slot.

Now back to my opening sentence “Why is it, that the moment we discuss things that adults enjoy, away from children, it becomes taboo?” Google, and many other sites, including many who want you to help promote them, will refuse your site when you include the private moments! So what is porn? This really is open to interpretation, and is a subject that has had its boundaries changed in all directions over the centuries. It varies in different countries, religions and cultures. Is the situation with consenting adults watching other consenting adults’ on TV porn? Are a man and his wife making love porn? Is this article porn? I live in Spain, and for the 1st 45 years of my life, I lived in the UK. At midnight, here in this very catholic country, several channels show, free of charge, uncut adult movies. In the UK there are loads of pay per view channels featuring these films.

The adult world is much more than just sex, but is dressing in sexy clothing the thing you would encourage your 16 year-old daughter to do as she “went to her mates house” on a Friday night? However what is wrong with dressing up for your partner in a private moment? Should you have to go to a back street sleaze balls shop or should you be comfortable looking on-line and ordering the clothes, shoes and toys that you fancy? Do you enjoy going out for a drink or a meal and there are no screeching kids? Mentioned above, but worth another mention, adult holidays – club 18-30 and Saga offer adult only holidays, and nearly all other big travel companies offer some form of over 17′s only experiences. Would you sit down and do your financial planning with your 9 year-old son? Would you buy a bottle of scotch for your 13 year-old daughters’ birthday? You know the answer

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